Let us help mitigate your environmental risk using proven technologies and processes.

Southwest Pipe Services is the leader in our industry and first to market with pipe cleaning, abatement and remediation technologies. Our mechanical methods and processes can safely remove coal tar enamel/epoxy coatings that may contain asbestos or PCBs, at a rate of less than five minutes per double random length of pipe.

For asbestos containing material (ACM) our machine has a conveyor system that turns/spins the pipe as it carries it through the cleaning process. The conveyor moves pipe into a fully contained area working under a HEPA filter and negative air pressure where a blade strips the coating material and a brush does the final cleaning. All potentially harmful fibers are captured and never come in contact with employees.

We also specialize in the remediation of PCB bulk product waste from the surface of pipe. We are capable in taking pipe surfaces to a NACE-II visual standard so pipe can be reintroduced into commerce in accordance with EPA Regulation 40 CFR 761.79(b)(3)(i)(B).

We also have a proprietary EPA permit for PCB testing procedures that may prove helpful on your next project.

You can be assured all waste is handled and manifested according to all federal, state, and local regulations.

Ask us about our spill cleanup, soil remediation and tank cleaning services as well.

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